Testosterone base 50mg

Each 1 ml ampoule contains 50 mg active substance. 3 ampoules per box.

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone and anabolic steroid. In men, testosterone plays a key role in the development of reproductive tissues such as testicles and prostate as well as the promotion of secondary sexual characteristics such as increased muscle, bone mass and hair growth. In addition, testosterone plays a role in the health and well-being, also in the prevention of osteoporosis. Insufficient levels of testosterone in men can lead to anomalies including weakness and reduced bone density. Testosterone base (testosterone suspension), аn anabolic androgenic steroid intended for intramuscular injection, unlike other testosterones - Testosterone base is an aqueous solution of fast-acting testosterone that is in free-form, non-esterified. The imposition of frequent manipulation makes it impractical from the point of view of human medicine, and slower esters are preferred. Additionally, it is often associated with a painful feeling long after the intervention. Its chemical structure is: Formula

Sports application
The fast-acting makes it ideal for athletes. Testosterone base is also very much preferable from bodybuilders at a later stage of their competitive training, because they retain less water than oil solutions, significantly increasing strength and endurance, even when carbohydrates are minimal, while improving the density, hardness and volume of muscles. Testosterone base is very popular and among the powerlifters as a preparation that has been used in the last two weeks before a race. It gives incredible growth of strength and explosiveness, which are the main factors to them. The many positive qualities such as strength gain, endurance and recovery make Testosterone base suitable not only for power athletes but also for functional training. Its rapid entry into the system, up to 1 hour after injection, dramatically increases serum testosterone levels, which is associated with agitation and aggression, qualities that can be used in sports like soccer, basketball, martial arts, and so on.
Doses vary according to the weight and needs of the individual. Doses are from 30mg. up to 100mg. daily. For optimal dosing, an individual approach is required, consistent with the athlete’s overall goals, general condition and the athlete’s sports methodology.
Combination with other drugs
Testosterone base is suitable for all purposes, therefore it can be freely combined with other preparations. The only feature is to place the injection at a place where no oil solutions are placed.
Side effects and protection
Testosterone base can cause some unpleasant side effects. Increasing aggressiveness is a common side effect due to its high androgenicity and rapid entry into the system. Another common effect in taking this drug is increased sexual desire.
Half-life and doping test
Testosterone base has a half-life of 24 hours after injection. It is the fastest acting preparation, and the fastest metabolizable, respectively. For athletes that are not subject to sudden control, it may not be detected a week after taking it, at doses of 30-50mg. Testosterone may also be used for medical reasons, which allows for a request for a marketing authorisation from the respective federation and WADA.
Authenticity verification
Each package has a unique QR code that is not repeated in other. After scanning, three options are possible, but only the first garantees authenticity: