Stanozolol 50mg/ml

Each 1 ml ampoule contains 50 mg active substance. 3 ampoules per box.

In 1962 Stanozolol was marketed in the United States by Winthrop under the trade name "Winstrol" and in Europe by a Winthrop partner, Bayer, under the name "Stromba". As an anabolic androgenic steroid, stanozolol is an androgen receptor agonist, like androgens such as testosterone and DHT. It is not a 5а -reductase substrate because it is already 5а -reduced, so it is not potentiated in so-called "androgenic" tissues such as skin, hair follicles and prostate gland. This leads to a higher anabolic to androgenic activity ratio than testosterone. In addition, due to its 5a-reduced nature, stanozolol is non-aromatic and therefore has no tendency to produce estrogenic effects such as gynecomastia or fluid retention. Stanozolol also has no significant progestogenic activity. Its chemical structure is: Formula

Medical uses
Stanozolol is used in humans to treat a number of diseases, such as anemia and hereditary angioedema, the latter being
specifically approved for treatment in some countries. It can also be used to create anabolic environment and weight gain without causing fluid retention if the clinical case requires it.
Sports application
Stanozolol in sports is one of the most wanted and preferred anabolic steroids to increase strength and weight without showing the estrogenic side effects typical for most anabolic androgenic steroids. Because of its soft character it is also preferred by female athletes. Preferred by sports that seek maximum strength and explosivity at a minimum of weight gain, this effect is achieved because Stanozolol does not flavor or retain liquids.
Functionality – power sports, martial arts, athletics, soccer basketball and more. In this type of sports, it is mainly sought to improve the guts, increase physical strength, explosiveness and recovery. Depending on the particular sport, doses vary.
Durability: from 50mg to 3-5 days
Physical strength and explosivity of 50mg every day or day
Bodybuilding: For bodybuilding, stanozolol is used, besides increasing physical strength and recovery, also to improve
muscular quality. Doses may be slightly higher than other sports. Doses may vary depending of the weight of the bodybuilder.
Stanozolol in amateurs. Depending on the purpose of each, the doses are different
For amateurs aiming at cleansing subcutaneous fat and improving vision, the dose is 100mg per week. Stanozolol is taken
daily or every day depending on the dose.
Combination with other drugs
Stanozolol can be taken alone or combined with the steroid suitable for clearing such as Testosterone propionate, Trenbolon, Drostenolon and Oxandrolone.
Side effects and protection
The side effects of stanozolol include virilization (masculinization), hepatotoxicity and others. It lowers estrogen levels, which poses risks of cardiovascular problems. When used in conjunction with a low-fat diet, there is dryness in the joints with subsequent pain and discomfort, which should be addressed.
Half-life and doping test
Half the life of stanozolol is about 36-48 hours after its intake. But with the latest equipment detects Not less than 3 months after stopping. Which in practice makes it unusable for athletes subject to doping control.
Authenticity verification
Each package has a unique QR code that is not repeated in other. After scanning, three options are possible, but only the first garantees authenticity: