Balco Labs

Balco is a laboratory that creates developments in two main areas – sports training and raising all aspects of performance. We also work to enhance active and healthy people’s quality of life by using a plethora of methods including anti-aging therapies.
Out work with athletes aims to improve results and minimise side effects. For years athletes used formulas and products created by the medical industry for treatment of various diseases. These formulas gave good results, but were not optimal for great performance due to unnecessary side effects. Another part of our work is researching and developing a number of products that have no application in Human medicine, but are extremely effective for athletes, with minimal to no health risks involved. A sudden need to distinguish drugs that treat sick people from those that raise healthy people and athletes performance in all aspects has appeared in recent years, and this is our primary focus.
The present-day aggressive environment on one hand and the progress of medical research in anti-aging therapies on the other created the need for preparations that are effective to use. Unfortunately the medical industry suppresses these developments because they are not treated as a cure for disease and are not necessary therapeutic treatment. But practice shows that such preparations exist and they’ve proven their efficiency and significantly improved quality of life.

With the growing trend of the counterfeiting of products, we in BALCO have taken the most credible measures against this.

  • Each pack has its own QR code which after scanning shows:
      • the product’s name.
      • if the product has already been scanned.
      • no product with such code.

    Guarantee for authenticity is only the first option.

  • The series of peptides and growth hormone have a thermometer printed, using a thermochromatic ink, which changes color to blue at a suitable storage temperature. This is also a guarantee of authenticity.